CARPE DIGEM project partners will hold a Roundtable on the Innovation as a Service (IaaS) approach - Supporting the next generation of digital transformation ecosystems – at November 26th 2020 11.00 – 13.00 CET

Innovation-as-a-Service or IaaS is a new approach that enables digital stakeholders to more effectively manage the delivery of customised technology transfer solutions to their organisations and their clients, from universities, institutes of technology and private sector companies. IaaS aims to form effective innovation partnerships overcoming the challenges posed by lack of geographic, social, cultural and economic proximity to effective solutions.

As a teaser to the event check out what our partners ERNACT is doing in the North West of Ireland in relation to The Innovation as a Service (IaaS) approach:

11.00 CET - Innovation as a Service (IaaS) to support digital transformation of companies in North West Ireland
Designed to support an increase the uptake of disruptive technology solutions by SMEs in the North West Cross-border Region and accelerate their competitiveness and innovation levels, both key to enabling SMEs to address the twin threats of Brexit and Covid-19. The unique approach of the project is to use sophisticated digital collaboration services to better network and connect the Border region’s growing network of innovation hubs to technology providers (universities and institutes of technology) across the Border and West regions of Ireland.

This approach will serve as a use case to discuss around how to effectively implement these collaboration environments supporting Digital Transformation.
Jose Manuel San Emeterio - Programme Manager at ERNACT
Kevin McShane - Innovation Manager at Inishowen innovation
11.30 CET – IaaS: Bridging the innovation divide between SME’s, public administration and communities in Europe’s peripheral regions
The new Irish IaaS platform helps companies begin their digital transformation journey and understand its potential impact on their business; the service importantly includes a support phase for implementing the transformation. This new service also has a series of challenges where CARPE DIGEM partners can provide some guidance; in particular which tools and support services can be effectively delivered in the IaaS environment to business, community and public customers:
*   Business incubator for the Cultural and Creative Industries eXpression Umeå will present how the innovation system at Umeå university partners new technology, mediates skills and design thinking with small and large businesses alike.
*   The University of Ljubljana will demonstrate how 4PDIH Slovenia supports the digital transformation of public sector through partnership with the Slovenian Association Municipalities
*   Designing logistics and mobility solutions with autonomous vehicles for public partners in peripheral environments (Sidi-Mohammed Senouci, University of Burgundy-Franche Comté).

12.00 CET - Round Table and Interactive session

With speakers and key stakeholders we will be addressing the following issues:
-    How does the IaaS approach assist Digital and Rural Innovation Hub managers from rural/peripheral regions to provide a wider range of services/solutions to their communities, business and public sector?
-    Does the IaaS approach open new channels for the technology service providers to reach new customers and users of their solutions? What could the role be of this approach in opening new opportunities for private sector providers?

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