11h00    Welcome (lead partner)
11h10    WP1 – Exchange of experience activities    
                     •    Technical Committee activities – state of play
                          o    Joint Report – State of Play (TC coordinator)
                          o    Knowledge transfer seminar conclusions (TC coordinator)
                          o    Action Plan template (TC coordinator)
                     •    Next events:
                          o    Romania (NURE)
                                •    Virtual study visit
                                •    Exchange of experiences activities
                          o    France (DREAM)
                                •    Virtual study visit
                                •    Exchange of experiences activities
                     •    Main conclusions, recommendations and comments
                     •    Local Stakeholders Group meetings – State of play (all partners)
                     •    Main conclusions oon the exchange activities organized by CIM ALTO MINHO and                             recommendations report – State of play
12h10    WP 2 – Communication activities (Communication Manager)
                     •    Summary of the communication activities developed since the last Steering                             Committee meeting.
                     •    Project website – Access and usage statistics.
                     •    Project social networks – State of play.    
                     •    Project newsletter
                     •    Study visits and knowledge transfer seminar videos
12h30    WP3 – Management and coordination activities (Lead Partner)
                     •    COVID-19: possible call for additional activities in 2021
                     •    4th execution report – Deadlines and main recommendations
                     •    Project technical and financial execution level (all partners).
                     •    Next period activities
13h15    End of the meeting