Wallonia’s audiovisual sector, as so many others, has been completely shut down since mid-March. Consequences of the pandemic will likely be felt by the film industry for years.

With the support of Minister of Economy Willy Borsus, the regional fund Wallimage (ALICE lead partner) acted quickly to stand with those who were hit by the global health crisis and help film and TV production resume. On the occasion of its 100th Investment Committee held on July 6, the fund invested € 1 Million in exceptional additional funding for projects selected during recent pre-COVID sessions.

This special measure allowed for the support of two major animated series produced by Belvision Studios and created by Dreamwall, including:

- The Season 2 for “Petit Poilu” will receive 65.000 € in extra funding, in addition to Wallimage’s previous investment of 150.000 €

- “Le Petit Nicolas – Tous en Vacances” will get an additional 50.000 €, on top of the 350.000 € funding that had been granted before the global health crisis.

Wallonia’s appeal to film producers has increased over the years due to the attractiveness of its funding system. In 20 years, Wallonia has supported the creation of 400 films and series and earned its reputation as a “hot spot” for European co-productions. The investments of Wallimage typically lead to 400% to 500% in return, creating economic benefits and jobs for the Region. In these most difficult times, Wallimage is committed to carrying out its mission, as it has always done.