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Interreg Project Syngergies


Nicosia Development Agency presented the 2LIFES project during the 2nd...

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European Circular Economy Action Plan


On 11 March 2020, the EU Commission published its much-anticipated Circular...

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Re-use Initiatives from the Public Sector


On 20 February 2020, the 2LIFES partnership met in Brussels to discuss re-use...

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Social and Circular Outlook 2020-2025


RREUSE’s vision is a Europe that supports the role of social enterprise in the...

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Stakeholders Group Meeting - Marche Region, Ancona


The European project 2LIFES, of which the Marche Region is a partner, is focused...

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Stakeholders Group Meeting - EMULSA


The managers of EMULSA held a first constitution meeting of the stakeholder...

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Stakeholders Group Meeting - Cyprus


Nicosia Development Agency (ANEL) invited its members municipalities to present...

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New €1.3 million EU project to boost re-use policies


On 22 and 23 October, EMULSA hosted the launch meeting of 2LIFES, a European...

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